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Printing House Mačinković was established as a family enterprise in the summer of 1996. Radoslav, Miroslav and Milena Mačinković were the founders. We were located at Gardoš, in the heart of Zemun, at that time. We started our journey into the world of printing with a two-colour printing machine for tampography, which was placed in one of the rooms of the house we lived in.

After Gardoš, our printing house was situated in the area Gornja Varoš, also in Zemun, for some time. From 2000 our printing house is situated at the present address. The printing house, as well as our experience in the field of printing, were developing and growing year by year. We were constantly investing in our new machines, technologies, office space, as well as our knowledge. We have many trained workers behind us, as well as printing on the variety of advertising material and millions of prints. We have printed for the leading importers of advertising materials and we can proudly say that 80% of companies in Serbia had or still has an item which was printed by us. We used to reach even 120 000 a day in tampography.

At the beginning, our printing house used to do mainly printing. During the time we started to sell advertising material with prints. Today, we offer wide range of products and printing services. Besides tampography and screen printing, we introduced the following techniques: embroidery, laser engraving, digital print, decals on different shapes and materials.

The printing house can now be found at a new address in Altina, while our primary address is still at the old location. Our office and „showroom“ are still at our old address. There you can see the presentation of  all the products we offer, with or without print.

We were one of the first printing houses who had a website and the Internet presentation of our business. We are aware of the importance and the necessity of advertising, as we are engaged in it ourselves. We invested significant funds in order to modernize our capacities and the presentation of our services. For our eighteenth birthday we redesigned our logo, our website and our visual identity itself.

The existence and development of our printing house through all these years wouldn’t be possible without our friends and remarkable masters of their craft and they are: Enes Hodžić, Draško Stjepić, Miroslav Miro Desančić, Slobodan Bane Tomić, Nenad Petrović, Ljubomir Ratković, Bob Živković, Slobodan Jovanović Coba, Jovan Petrović and others.

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